Wendell's Diner


3838 Tennyson St. Denver

2,500 sqft / 2018


architectural design

interior design collaboration with Scout Interiors

custom fabrication + furniture


walnut / white and grey hand-packed concrete


mural: Evan Hecox


Located in the historic Berkeley neighborhood of Denver, Wendell’s puts a modern spin on a traditional breakfast diner. When designing the space our main goal was to transform the interiors into a space reminiscent of an old school diner without losing the original charm of the building. In collaboration with Scout Interiors, original brick, custom walnut casework, hand-packed glass fiber reinforced concrete counter-tops were the primary materials chosen to build out the restaurant, creating a warm and inviting space for gathering and sharing a cup of coffee and breakfast with friends. A mural, painted by Evan Hecox, depicting the trolley station that used to travel through the Berkeley neighborhood flanks the back of the restaurant providing a “sense of place” for diners.


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