Vino Padro 


Private Residence LOHI, Denver 

90 sq.ft. / 2014


blackened steel / walnut


architectural design 

custom fabrication + furniture



photo credit: Danny Brown



The design was inspired by a single piece of furniture that modernizes wine storage. The focus of the room is the wine console that holds 160+ bottles of wine, all stored properly and kept dark. Each drawer is lined with a cushioned felt and all equipped with soft close. The piece is made from steel with walnut drawers fabricated from single boards to display continuous grain pattern. Supportive wine storage was integrated into the design made from blackened steel and walnut. The walnut shelving is capped with steel giving the owners freedom to chalk the shelves with the name, region, producer, and varietal of their wine. Above the console are wall-mounted shelves displaying wine behind perforated steel.   


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