Concrete F.A.Q's


What is GRFC?

GFRC stands for glass fiber reinforced concrete. The glass fibers are the structural component eliminating the need for any rebar and ensuring an extremely durable product.

Why is concrete a preferred medium?

Concrete is a handmade material created specifically for you. It is a human material with inherent variation, imperfection, character, and beauty. As concrete ages the aesthetic quality becomes richer, warmer and completely unique. 

Is the concrete cast on location?

No, everything is prefabricated in our studio in Denver, CO. After the concrete is formed, cast, cured and sealed we will deliver and install the finished product to your location. Please know delivery and installation are limited to 200 miles from Denver, CO. 

Will there be seams in the countertop?

We always try to design countertops without seams when ever possible but seams may be incorporated for a structural reason or they may be necessary due to maneuverability into houses, up stairs, or around corners. Our team will work with you to design seam placement that is both structurally sound and aesthetically appealing. Seams are usually 1/16" to 1/8" wide and are filled with acrylic caulk.    


Does concrete stain or scratch?

Concrete is a porous material and will stain if not properly sealed. We seal all of our products making them incredibly heat and stain resistant. Although the sealer is very durable cutting directly on your countertops will not only scratch the surface but it will also dull your knives. Dragging heavy sharp objects across your countertops may also scratch the surface. 

What if I want a custom color?

We can scientifically color match any color you choose. Once a color has been decided on we will create a 6"x6" tile for your approval. Custom colors are an additional $550-$950 to our standard pricing. Please allow an extra 3 weeks to production.   

What is the lead time?

The typically lead time is 4-6 weeks but may vary with project size, complexity, and current work load. 

How does the process work?

After discussing your project and deciding on a color we require a 50% deposit to get started. We then begin by templating over your finished and installed cabinetry. Templating usually takes less than one day. Next we fabricate, process, cure, and seal your countertops in our studio in Denver. Installation will be scheduled shortly after the sealer has cured. The entire process usually takes 4-6 weeks.       

Do you offer a warranty?

Yes, we offer a one year warranty on the structural integrity of our products.  

How much does concrete cost?

Even though it is a completely custom material, concrete is competitive in price with standard countertop materials. The price is competitive with high end granite, with retail prices ranging from $90 to over $110 per square foot. We are happy to work with you to give you an estimate on your project, and we can help you with options to fit the client’s budget.