Whether you're a large seasoned firm or independent design contractor, design assist is a great way to reduce the cost and time for construction, improve constructibility and add value to a project of any size. Through communication and collaboration, Raw Creative can help you think through your project's potential risks in order to arrive at the highest quality and most efficient design possible. Our team of fabrication experts will aide in developing system details, project budgets and value engineering ensuring a smooth fabrication and install for your project.

Addressing design issues prior to fabrication reduces excessive change orders and RFI's in the field, helps control budget, increases efficiency in constructibility and ultimately saves money for the owner of a project through the construction phase, when the potential for budget and schedule implications is the greatest. Incorporating design assist early on in project development often results in the opportunity to take your vision further.

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The Value of Design Assist

Cost Management

Cost management
Reduction in change orders and RFI's during the construction process and more efficient communication and decision making helps to increase budget confidence and mitigate unforeseen costs during your project.

Realistic Timelines

Realistic timelines
Establishing the goals and priorities early in the design phase reduces the frequency of disputes during the lifetime of a project. The increased collaboration and feedback time greatly minimizes time delays and allows projects to run more efficiently and smoothly.

Improved creative vision

Improved creative vision
The collaborative environment of design-assist between the designer and construction team ensures the best possible end product for the owner, often resulting in the opportunity to take your vision further.


Our shop is comprised of a series of studios, each focused on the divergence between tried-and-true techniques and the exploration of innovative technologies, resulting in beautifully built work that's meant to last.


Our digital studio is is comprised of computer operated machinery capable of solving complex fabrication problems that would otherwise be impossible with traditional machinery. Our 5-axis CNC can cut a full 360 degree cutting path from 90deg to -10deg past horizontal on materials ranging from wood and composites to various metals. Our 3-axis water-jet is capable of cutting through 3+ inches of steel, aluminum, brass, concrete and many other materials. These tools open the door to unlimited creativity without sacrificing precision and quality.


Our wood studio is comprised of traditional woodworking tools as well as a full-service spray booth for finishing. With decades of combined hands-on experience, our group of craftsmen are focused on creating high precision millwork through the use of traditional craft and innovative design solutions.


Our metal studio focuses primarily on steel and aluminum fabrication. From handrails and architectural steel all the way to custom signs and furniture frames our metal studio is capable of producing one of a kind solutions for all design situations. We are a full service metal shop offering cutting, welding, plasma cutting and bending using our 55 ton press brake, “Tiny.”


From countertops and sinks to custom shower surround panels and basins we can accommodate almost any color, texture and shape request imaginable. Our unique skill-set is our knowledge and use of GFRC (glass fiber reinforced concrete), an incredibly strong and light-weight material that is capable of seemingly limitless possibilities. The use of GFRC can provide a unique and modern touch to any project.


Our design assist process is rooted in our experience as a company providing architecture, general contracting and fabrication under one roof. We understand the complexities that arise during design + construction and we are here to help. Our team can help take a concept from sketch to reality seamlessly. We use the same software most designers use (revit, rhino, AutoCAD, SketchUp) which means you can spend less time creating drawings for estimates and more time being creative. We can not only import your preliminary models for pricing and fabrication analysis but we can also provide you with detailed 3D models for rendering purposes. Let us help you take the guess work out of your design process.


You have the idea

The initial concept for an idea is an exciting time in the design phase. However, it comes with so many unknowns (price, constructability, schedule, material properties, etc., ).  Whether you are still in the sketching phase or at the end of construction, Raw Creative can help fill in the details to make sure your idea gets brought to life with your original design intent.

We simplify the process

We will take your concept and work with you to make sure it can fit within the necessary parameters such as budget, schedule and constructability. We can work from initial sketches + concept photos all the way through to a detailed fabrication model using rhino + revit. Throughout the design assist phase we offer fabrication analysis to make sure the final product is exactly what you want.

Quality results from start to finish

We can work directly with the general contractor in a subcontractor capacity to provide installation service and pre-construction coordination. By doing this we can ensure all of the components are installed as envisioned and with the highest level of quality.




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