We design laterally and simultaneously, which keeps the focus on a single cohesive outcome rather than a sum of individual parts. Understanding your vision as well as the limitations and opportunities of the site are the material that we use to translate your dreams into a buildable concept. We’re well versed in modern fabrication techniques and new building technologies, allowing us to deliver a refined level of detail that’s often overlooked.

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The Design Process


When Raw builds, the client wins. We integrate the early stages of Building into the latter stages of Design and can adapt to changing demands without the expense or delays you would experience in the traditional construction process. In-house general contractors, short communication chains, and centralized liability protection allow us to deliver value and reduce your stress level from start to finish. Our process saves time, money and frustrations so your vision can stay intact while it takes form.

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The Benefit to Design Build


Our in-house fabrication studio is the heart and soul of every project. We are constantly exploring the use of natural materials and their integration in modern design. The beauty and value of natural materials such as steel, concrete and wood is something we highlight in every project. Our ability to transform these materials in-house gives us the ability to prototype & refine even the smallest of details. From high-end cabinetry to modern concrete sinks, we deliver customized elements to every project.

Popular Products Include: 

  • Concrete countertops, sinks, vanities with integrated sinks, tiles, planters, furniture, table tops, and fireplaces.
  • Customs bars
  • Custom furniture 
  • Architectural screens